A Sustainable Fashion Re-Set

By Amy Powney

This earth day is one like never before - as a designer who prioritizes sustainable fashion, I’ve felt that things aren’t the same as they were, due to the pandemic. I keep thinking of the word community and how it has never meant more than it does now. We all have that word in common right now since never before have we all needed to stand together…. so still.  Everyone keeps asking me what it’s like being a new mother in such chaotic times. I have to say that in all the chaos, my view on sustainability hasn’t changed, but strengthened. There has been an unexpected effect on the planet since we’ve all been quarantined to our homes, as we see global carbon emissions fall across the world and clearer skies, which makes for a sliver of much needed good news and light at the end of the tunnel. Afterall, the earth is our entire home and always will be.  This healing from the planet foreshadows the importance of taking small actions to inflict bigger changes - which is relevant when thinking of tackling any crisis. This healing also is something that as an industry, we should take note of.  Fashion, the pandemic and sustainability all intertwine… but since forecasting a future or conclusion of anything is way too difficult right now, we instead should think of this as a chance to hit reset.  .

Sustainability has always been a conversation that is intimidating to most, which is why I worked so hard to build @fashionourfuture, a social media campaign that’s inclusive to everyone, using pledges that range from buying vintage, renting to supporting transparent supply chains. Fashion on the other hand has become a blank canvas - we suddenly find ourselves all valuing things more than ever before - especially when it comes to information.  I have always tried to make your job as the customer as easy as possible, which is why at Mother of Pearl we have sustainable search filters on our website that allow you to shop according to the product's story. Whether that’s where it came from, what it’s made of or how we keep our sheep happy.  Everything has suddenly become more sacred. As we hit reset on how we consume and re-evaluate our everyday purchases that we wouldn’t normally think twice about, I feel more motivated and responsible as a designer to keep strengthening my community, with transparency. And I can’t thank you all enough for the support, since I wouldn’t be here without you. Though these times are not easy, there are better days that are coming! And I am happy to stay home, on this planet, indefinitely.    

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