Bare knees with ease

Wearing bare legs is not something that merely anyone feels excited about. Especially in the winter when you forget the sun has ever existed. This is why we find ourselves crouched over in the aisle at the shop during our lunch breaks buying tights for the fifth time in the past two months. But now that you have a tiny hole on your left thigh gaping like a black hole – they are all we are thinking about . Considering the average woman in the UK now spends approximately £3,000 on tights in her lifetime , maybe tights should be bit more deserving of our thoughts.

mother of pearl no frills

In the ‘60’s, tights were invented to give your knees sexual liberation. They paired perfectly with the miniskirt and brought a whole new sense of freedom to fashion, which used clothing to send political messages. Back then, we didn’t have to worry about how sustainable our tights were, because they were designed to last - n ot to be worn a couple times , snagged then binned. Most tights today are made from synthetic fibers, which is as close to p lastic bags as an accessory can get. If you, like us are tired of spending money on synthetic quick fixes it may be time to ease into bare knees . Introducing the ‘Belinda’ boots, designed to decorate our legs and avoid the need to buy tights on repeat. If you’re looking for something with a little less coverage, try the scaled down ‘Roxy’ boots . All the work towards freeing our legs fashionably is now your boots job to finish, all you need is to slip them on and add a little more leg. Wearing tights was once repre sentative of the changing times, b ut perhaps now, we are a bit lazier than we were in the 60’s when it comes to taking care of them. O ur clothing, much like most packaging and purchases , should be viewed as long lasting – not single - use or something to throw away . It’s time to invest in something that isn’t terrified of your rings and jewellery . And yes, you can even wear them while peeing.

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