Fashion our futures, let's?

I get asked so often, for a list of ways to be more sustainable, and knowing how fast paced life is and the feeling of wanting to be better but not having a moment to research, I’m going to give you a quick introduction on how to make simple changes to your life that aren’t hard to keep up and can make a huge difference.

If you have heard or read any of my interviews I always refer to sustainability as a mindset, it’s become a little like a brain filter for me, before I make decisions I pass it thought the filter and check myself in. On many occasions I have to choose a poorer choice but so often I make a better one and all those add up! 

I recently read a paper on the affect on the 1degree rise and then more degrees than that, and it really scared me, so the tips below can truly help to fashioning our future for the best.

Change your energy supplier

The oil and gas industry are the most polluting industries on the planet and responsible for a lot more than just that, my favourite companies are and Change your supplier at home and see if you can get the companies you work for to change their energy suppliers too, the more that switch, the closer we get to making the difference needed for stopping climate change.

Eat less meat

Methane from agriculture is also in the top contributors for climate change, in basic terms, for every field you need to graze the animals to eat, we could have just eaten the vegetation on that field instead, more than halving the CO2 used to feed us, imagine that on a global scale, its such an easy thing to do and one that can make a huge difference!

Shop local, seasonal and support small growers

Like switching your supplier, this is really easy and convenient too. is one of my favourite companies, its easy to shop, their ethics are wonderful, and their produce is also great. It is very convenient, arriving on your doorstep or into your home, almost packaging free and where there is packaging its sustainable and minimal. I know I am eating well, supporting a great company and my recycling bin is perhaps a third full each week where previously it was overflowing. They are cutting out the big middleman so it’s also not that expensive. It’s a little like going back to how we used to shop only with the convenience needed today.

Only buy what you need

Many of us have the luxury of having easy access to everything we want and convince has never been more, well, convenient. We have the habit of over consuming on food and just general ‘stuff’, this stuff ends up on landfill and the methane released is also a big contributor to climate change. I mentioned earlier my filter, this is the perfect time for this to kick in, when shopping, just ask yourself ‘do you really need it’, if the answer is no, then don’t. The best part is you can save money and then buy nicer things less often that you treasure and look after and that you don’t want to throw out.

Reduce your packaging

Whilst getting into recycling is a great, only a small percentage of our waste gets recycled. Don’t stop this from putting your recycling into the right bin as hopefully one day there will be better systems, but ultimately no packaging is best as even recycling has a footprint. I know they are the basics but a reusable water bottle and coffee cup and a reusable bag do make a huge difference. I mentioned Riverford above for food and our local heath food shop does refills on household cleaning products, maybe yours does too? There are many other ways to reduce your packaging, but here are a few to start with. 
Some of the above are UK specific as it is where I live, but hopefully if you live elsewhere, it can help you source something similar near you.

By no means am I the prefect sustainable figure, I work more hours than anyone I know so it’s not always easy but if we all make those better choices where we can we can make a big change together! Always better together!

There are lots of other things too but the above are the first easy steps, I hope they help and I would love to here from any of you that it has inspired and also if anyone has any great tips too,

More soon, Love Amy x

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