Happily, ever handmade

By Amy Powney

List all the weddings you’ve been to… Now add the weddings you’ve emotionally invested in from your sofa… Muriel’s, Carrie’s, all the girls from four weddings and a funeral… It’s a lot, right? All of these have added to the pot of your imagination, and probably to the excitement & anxiety of what your big day will be like… Whether or not you were the type of girl who spent hours fantasising about their big day, there is a part in all of us that, deep down, has huge expectations on how our wedding will pan out. Maybe it’s social conditioning, or maybe it’s just human nature, but regardless of where it came from, it will be one of the most meticulously planned & documented days of your life. Your wedding day is special, and whatever you choose to wear needs to reflect that too.

When we dreamt up Pearly Whites, our objective was to make the most unsustainable item of clothing you’ll ever wear have a conscience. Considering the tradition that this dress that you spend years dreaming of, months choosing, weeks waiting for - get’s just one day of wear. Historically, a bride would wear the best dress they already had sat in their wardrobe, or if they did decide to buy something new, they would then alter it to be fit for everyday life after the big day was over. Now, in modern life, we’ve upgraded to buying something super special and exclusive for our wedding day - and why not, it’s a big day! However, there is a message here that still rings true. Perhaps it wouldn’t be right to re-wear your veil on the tube on your way to barre class, but should we think about re-wearing our dresses? The trick is not to think of it as repetition, but repurposing in order to have a sustainable wedding dress. After all, our design mantra was to take our classic and always sustainable Mother of Pearl aesthetic and update it to bridal status. Here are some examples of our Pearly Queens owning the bridal look in everyday life.

As with every product we make at MoP, the supply chain also had a big part to play in the production of our bridal. We always use sustainable and luxurious fabrics, which is why we opted for ‘Peace silk’ while designing our selection of bridal because of its calming, ethereal feel. We know this is the exact energy you’ll need surrounding you on your wedding day. All the pieces in our Pearly Whites collection are hand made to order in our London studio, so you can rest assured that every woman who has been a part of your dresses’ life before it’s handed over to you has been treated fairly. It also means that we don’t overproduce dresses that spend their lives hanging on rails waiting to meet ‘the one’ before they are considered too old and taken off the shelf.

Our Creative Director, Amy Powney says “I wanted to offer options to other women out there who don’t want to get married in a conventional wedding dress, but also who like me on my wedding day, felt it was wrong to wear a dress that could have caused another woman to suffer while making it somewhere along the supply chain... I’m sure other brides-to-be would feel the same.”

And let’s not pretend we’re unrealistically wholesome and only thinking about the planet on our wedding day, the number one objective is to make sure we look & feel good because, in the words of Muriel, we all want to have a life as good as an Abba song…

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