Introducing Mother of Pearl Interiors

This Summer we launched our first interiors collection comprised of luxury velvet cushions, round printed pouffes and soft silk quilts in much loved and iconic Mother of Pearl prints.

mother of pearl interiors

Here at MoP we love to play with the unexpected, and wanted to show how our interiors can bring home comforts to mundane places, adoring park benches with luxe fabrications. Our photographic series titled ‘Home Away from Home’ was shot out and about in the British seaside town of Margate.

"Interiors have always been a passion of mine, and with prints being synonymous with the Mother of Pearl aesthetic, launching our own collection was a natural next step."

"One of my favourite feelings is that first moment you arrive home. When I was a child it was throwing my school bag down and usually running to the fridge and now it’s the sound of my husband’s key turning in the door. The evening scene is set, and I wanted to use that narrative in the photographic campaign series.

British socialist photographers have always inspired my work, so our interiors shot on the British seaside seemed the perfect way to showcase this new collection.”

- Amy Powney, Creative Director

Read more about the launch of our Interiors collection and have a snoop around Amy’s home in You Magazine here

mother of pearl interiors

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