Introducing No Frills

Two years ago we had an idea. Would it be possible to create a core collection of your Mother of Pearl wardrobe staples that is sustainable, organic, socially responsible, has low carbon emissions and has generally created the minimum impact on the planet? All this without compromising on style and design? Could it be done? If so, where would we even start?

mother of pearl no frills

Turning the design process on its head, we started not with design but with geography. We spent a year researching countries and regions producing organic raw materials that could be turned into a finished product in a relatively local geographical location. A typical garment can travel to 5 countries before it reaches you, sometimes even 10.

We then headed out, travelling down the supply chain and meeting the people responsible for producing the clothes throughout the process, who adhered to the best practices, using the minimal amount of chemicals and respected their workers and animals.


A two-year mission of love led us to the launch of No Frills, inspired by the value supermarket line that created the same foods and quality of ingredients as its competitors without the fancy packaging. No Frills is your everyday wardrobe that happens to be sustainable, made with quality materials and has just a touch of Mother of Pearl magic. After all, isn’t that what you came to us for?


Follow the supply chain story here

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