Amy & Patricia Gutierrez aka Maggie on the Rocks

I first came across Patricia when she posted a Mother of Pearl image on her instagram @maggieontherocks and I immediately followed. She curates the most beautiful images and they always inspire me. After that, I would send her images of our new campaigns before we would launch them to see if she wanted to feature them, hoping that she would. I loved her curation so much I asked her to attend our show one season and take over our instagram account. Turns out it was my favourite show I designed and directed for Mother of Pearl. In the Tapestry room at the NED in London, where slouchy outfits with oversize knits moodily sulked down the catwalk whilst editors ate edible flowers for breakfast and listened to a live band performing Karen O’s (one of my all time heroins) theme song to Where the wild things are by Spike Jonze. Here we are again, a few years on in a more digital time and I have asked her to take over our Instagram but also edit our collections with a focus on Knitwear (her area of expertise) and to knit one of the cardigans from our collaboration with Wool and the Gang. So, a few questions below for our Pearly queens to get to know Patricia a little more.

"Back then I felt quite unmotivated at work so I started this inspiration journal as an outlet for my interest in photography, design, art and architecture, and also to define my own voice as a designer."

" After so many years working for other brands, the best part for me is being able to build such a personal project, directed to non-conformist women like ourselves that value the beauty of craftsmanship and quality and at the same time don’t want to compromise on aesthetics or design, and see how our ethos really resonates with them. To be able to set the pace and prioritizing what’s truly important to us."

"I think it’s imperative that we change our buying habits, we aim to inspire women to curate and create their own dressing ritual encouraging responsible consumption and sharing the importance of investing on well thought and ethically produced garments made to last for a long period of time, having less but better."

"The bold femininity of your designs and how you make sustainability the center of everything you do."

"I find hand knitting one of the most relaxing and therapeutic activities, it’s a sort of meditation exercise and an amazing way to disconnect from work and your phone (which I sometimes struggle with)."


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