Mother of Pearl X Farmacy

To celebrate the launch of our sustainable ‘No Frills’ collection, we co-hosted a dinner at Farmacy restaurant in London with Camilla Fayed, a fellow visionary in the sustainable movement.

It was a night to celebrate with friends of the brand and comrades from other sustainable fields to showcase what Amy and Mother of Pearl had achieved in the past three years. The table was surrounded by such great support, a warm exchange of positive conversations that left us all feeling uplifted and excited about the future.


In a similar vein to No Frills, Camilla believes in a sustainable field to final approach. Whether it’s the food that we put into our bodies, or the clothes we dress ourselves in, both supply chains trace all the way back to a field and a farmer and we are firm believers on keeping the chain as pure as possible, leaving the minimum impact on the planet whilst creating quality and desirable products.

The menu was fully vegan and ingredients were sourced from Camilla’s own biodynamic market garden in Kent, which were then driven up to the restaurant in an electric van. The tempura broccoli, white bean hummus and a truffled ‘mac ‘n’ cheese’ topped with a sage crumble were firm favourites with the guests, who, even managed to find room for the chocolate cups with berry ripple probiotic yoghurt. Absolutely not a ‘No frills’ meal but oh what an appetite for positive change!

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