Our Cleanest Denim Yet

By Amy Powney

Denim, a wardrobe staple. Don’t just take my word for it, studies show that at any given moment, more than half the world will be wearing this single textile. I’m sure you’ve heard that producing denim is thirsty work, something that was highlighted in Stacey Dooley’s documentary “Fashion’s Dirty Secrets”, and a topic I discussed in my British Vogue column, “Are my jeans wreaking havoc on the planet?”. Sustainable denim... is it possible?

I came to the conclusion that a pair of jeans is arguably the most personal garment someone can wear. Over time, they take the shape of the body, becoming a second skin, with some denim devotees taking it further by submerging into a bath wearing their beloved jeans to really nail the moulded look. Nothing feels as good as pulling on your oldest jeans, worn to their softest state (and perfectly moulded to your bum). There is simply no other fabric or garment that can be worn in, patched up and still look great.

Whilst denim often gets a bad reputation, denim was originally designed to last, its origins in workwear meant that it was woven thick and heavy, double-stitched and riveted to endure the daily 9-5, which is possibly the most sustainable way to design a fabric and a garment in my opinion. With that in mind, we wanted to work even harder on our denim, building on our classic, most-loved styles and improving our sustainability credentials at the same time.

For a start, all of our denim is made from organic cotton. It’s grown without pesticides, woven and spun and produced in one country, a decision made to reduce travel and minimise the carbon footprint. We soon realised that if we didn’t dye our organic cotton, it’s natural ecru colour is not only ideal for summer denim, it means we can avoid using dyes. Combining our localised growing/production to reduce our carbon footprint, our organic cotton ensuring no pesticides used and keeping our ecru denim undyed to avoid any chemicals dyes running into waterways, this really is our cleanest denim yet. (And we think the cleanest denim possible, full stop).

The last thing to consider? Keeping them clean! Shop our sustainable denim collection here.




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