Sheared transparency

On my journey to making Mother of Pearl sustainable, myself and my Brand Manager, Chloe, traveled far and wide, researched A LOT from our laptops and have met many suppliers with dead ends. So when we find a supplier that ticks so many of our boxes, we genuinely become ecstatic, yes we are supply chain geeks. Sexy, no, but important, hell yes! We live behind walls plastered with marketing, glossy fashion imagery that can inspire but can also make you feel worthless. We are hidden from the truth behind clothing and even I was a little reluctant to delve so deep for the copious factory visits, the technicalities of machinery that factory owners love to show you whilst were itching to see the end result to work out what creation you can dream up from it and the whole new role we needed to take on, and how to fit it all in! Stumbling across gem factories with ethics that are as genuine as yours is a good day at MoP HQ. We look to achieve as many of our sustainable attributes as possible when designing a garment and this season our wool outerwear has it all thanks to the incredible supply chain.

Sustainability is such a vast word and sometimes often confusing with the amount of layers surrounding it. But at MoP HQ Sustainability has become a filter for decision making and we try to make the best decisions for every decision. Greenwashing is happening more and more and so I wanted to delve a little further into some of our products so you can see the hard work we and most importantly the people in the supply chain go to. We are proud to announce that our wool coats today are our most sustainable yet.

See the Edit here.

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