Some Clothes Do Grow on Trees

By Amy Powney

We know what happens when the emperor has no clothes – but what happens when there are no trees? Calling all tree-huggers - we are passing the mic to the fabric viscose Viscose is a lush fabric with a myriad of good qualities – think beautifully draped gowns or romantically ruched bodices. It’s literally made from trees - which can be sustainable depending on the nature in which it produced. We love and need clothes the same way we do clean air, however, the demand for viscose has doubled in the last decade and as a result, our ancient and endangered forests and trees are being destroyed.

Over 150 million trees are being cut down every year for viscose and some are from the Amazon. If you placed those many trees end to end, there would be trees circling the earth seven times. So, what does viscose’s peak mean for our forests, trees and all the animals that are shacking up with them?

We think it means letting nature take its course. This is why we ensure that for every tree cut down to make our viscose, new trees have been planted in its place. Of course, no ancient forests are sourced in the process. This is why we opt for Tencel. Tencel is the vigilante of sustainable fashion. It is a sustainable brand of viscose that is also 100% biodegradable and made from wood pulp. So, take cues from Carrie Bradshaw, and “have all your money right where you can see it – hanging in your wardrobe”. Because we know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but your clothes do.

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