The story starts with good genes…

By Amy Powney

In her bi-monthly column for British Vogue, our Creative Director, Amy Powney, tackled the controversies around the fabric that grounds every wardrobe: denim. Are jeans wreaking havoc on the planet?  It’s safe to say, the mass production of jeans is the worst thing that’s happened to denim since that infamous Britney/Justin moment. In the UK alone, they say three out of five clothing purchases end up in landfill within the same year, and are only worn once or a handful of times.  So, denim has got a bit of bad press as of late… and rightfully so, as it uses a criminal amount of water to produce. Reports show  that it can take more than 15,000 litres of water to grow the cotton to make just a single pair of jeans which, based on the average of two litres per day, is what you would drink over the course of 20 YEARS! That’s the equivalent of 65,000 glasses of prosecco (in case you were wondering).

When we think of maintaining  good genes - we think of going back to the source.  We don’t even have to give you the edited version - it’s a short and sweet story. One that starts ends all in the same place.  When it comes to responsible production, we’ve done all of the leg work for you. All of our denim is made from organic cotton. It’s organically grown, woven and spun in one country, a decision made to reduce travel and minimise the carbon footprint.  Don’t just take our word for it, you can use the sustainable filters on our website to see the story behind each and every one of our products. We like to keep things simple and let nature do its thing. This is why we purposely keep our Ecru denim un-dyed, as its natural colour is beautiful as it is. We take pride in our genes - and make denim that is designed to be worn again and again. Like wine and Jane Fonda, we think the best denim gets better with age. 

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