What’s at the Core of a Core Collection?

By Amy Powney

The inspiration behind our Core Collection, is elevating simple pieces that work as well on their own as they do coupled, consciously, with something else. We worked hard to design a pearl-fect capsule of seasonless staples - because we think that one of the best things about sustainable fashion is you can overwear it for years to come. Since too much of a good thing is never bad for you… There are endless benefits to having your own uniform. It builds a sense of trust within your own wardrobe, as it’s one less thing to think about. Think of the steady hands of Bill Cunningham or the soothing voice of David Attenborough - a core wardrobe provides a sense of ease. So if you struggle with trusting or listening to your gut, be rest-assured your core is the next best thing. 

One of the pledges from our Creative Director’s social media campaign, @FashionOurFuture, was inspired by the concept of a good wardrobe uniform. @FashionOurFuture is an Instagram-based platform that features a series of pledges to help contribute to the fight against climate change and the oversharer pledge is the perfect excuse to start building a core collection. The idea is to channel your inner Marie Kondo and curate outfits that you are proud to overwear (and overshare) yourself wearing. 

Overwearing your clothes is more important than we think, as 33% of women consider clothes 'old' after wearing them fewer than three times… which has resulted in 100 billion items of clothing being made annually, where 3 out of 5 end up in landfill in the first 12 months.  Created from socially responsible fabrics that each has an individual story that’s traced from field to final production. Think of each piece as an elevated basic that works as well on their own as they do with just about anything else. All cut in loose, masculine-inspired silhouettes (because who doesn’t love a good boyfriend sweater) and finished with hand-stitched pearly details. We call it not so basic, basics.

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