Why we need to support local businesses more than ever

By Amy Powney

Ella Jones, Founder of A New Tribe, a boutique in East London which offers an eclectic curated selection of beautiful interior objects and textiles sourced from independent designers and small brands around the world.

I am always thinking of ways that fashion can make a better future. Now, more than ever, the word community has never been so important to the industry’s present and future. This is why I feel the responsibility as Creative Director of an independent fashion brand that prioritizes people and planet, to emphasize the importance of supporting local businesses, now more than ever. In these troubled times, it’s up to those in power to put their money where their mouth is. Many people will lose their businesses because of the devastating impact that COVID-19 has had on society. Meanwhile, the other top %1 will thrive and fill their already deep pockets. I’ve always said being a consumer gives you a powerful ballot, as you can vote with your wallet. People power is often best displayed through cold hard cash - not to mention, it has never been more vital as a business to provide transparent information about how they source their products. The extent to fast fashion’s cheap labour is becoming more transparent in this pandemic, and we are realizing it’s not just wreaking havoc on the planet, but the lives of employees and across supply chains. This is why I am juggling running my own company (whilst taking the necessary precautions) business-as-usual and being a new mum - to protect our own unique community and team.   .

A local business loved by our Creative Director Amy Powney, as every object has been carefully considered, not only for its beauty, but also for the ethos and care that has gone into each item, often from artisans and made in small batches.

The ways we can give back during these times are endless, because of the amount of suffering. So when I was thinking of how I can help my own community, I started realising how many other small (but mighty) companies may also be struggling. This is why I want to claim independence for the independents! Until the 10/05/20 we are offering our customers who spend over £300 on our website, a £50 digital voucher to use at an independent business of their choice, to help them through these times. Whether that’s your local hairdresser, bakery or neighbourhood restaurant that might be closed at the moment. If this has taught us anything, it’s that being a consumer can be a citizen duty - supporting local businesses that mean something to you whilst they all face the crisis ahead of us, has never been so important. We need each other during these times, and there are better days coming - ones where we can again enjoy date night’s outside of the living room and touched-up roots.     

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