Social Responsibility


“It’s important to note that social responsibilities lie not only in the factory that manufactures your garment but in the entire supply chain”

At Mother of Pearl we have always taken social responsibility seriously and we care deeply about the lives of the people involved in the production of our garments.

We work very closely with our factories. The majority of them are in Europe and we make sure to visit them with each production round and personally meet the people there. 

It’s important to note that social responsibilities lie not only in the factory that manufactures your garment but also in the entire supply chain that comes before that. In the last 25 years 270,000 cotton pickers in India committed suicide, an astronomical number and one rarely discussed*. This is just one shocking and sad fact that signifies some of the injustices that takes place in the industry.


It is a very tricky and complex task to trace a garment all the way back to its origin for numerous reasons. But we are always striving for more transparency, setting us apart from most brands, and we have two labels that refer to the traceable story of the garment; Traced from Fabric to Final and Traced from Field to Final.

Traced from Fabric to Final means we only know the fabric supplier and our factories manufacturing our garments. 

Traced from Field to Final means we have managed to trace to the county of origin of the initial raw material through to the final garment, below are the qualities we have managed to do this for.

All our cotton is bought under the GOTS certification ensuring every worker is paid a living wage. Our denim originates from Isko and then produced within small artisan manufacturers whom are certified with GOTS, Nordic SWAN Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel and FWF. The bulk of our wool is from the company Lanas Trinidad and then produced with weavers in Austria. And our fabric supplier, Burel completes every stage of their production within Portugal. Our lyocel is from Tencel and a large quantity of our viscose is from Enka.

A garment passes through many hands along its journey. By no means is it possible to personally meet every one of those involved but we do strive to ensure social responsibility at every stage. We seek to only partner with companies that we believe in, from our work in the field to our day-to-day activities in the office.


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