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Amy & a new series where our Creative Director Amy Powney sits down with some of the women who inspire her. In our second instalment, Amy speaks to Lyn Slater, better known as @AccidentalIcon In her own words, Lyn started a blog, Accidental Icon, because she was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic, but also spoke to women who live ‘interesting but ordinary lives’. Women who are not famous, but are smart, creative, fashion forward, thoughtful, engaged, and most importantly clear and comfortable with who they are. A woman after my own heart. Accidentally or not, Lyn has become a global style icon and a beacon for showcasing the power of fashion to not only discuss clothes, but politics, society, environmental and social issues, and at the same time helped to shatter age biases in the fashion industry. I was due to meet Lyn in New York last year, but in my third trimester was delayed waddling around the city, so this conversation is the next best thing. Lyn is one of my all time favourite women in fashion that I have admired from afar, I have said to my friend before that ‘I want to be like Lyn when I grow up’, but the truth is I want to be like Lyn now. One day when this pandemic is over, I look forward to meeting her in person, until then I will swoon over her across the globe. Enjoy! Love, Amy x

"guess I don’t see myself as having a traditional fashion career but see myself as someone who used fashion as a lens to think and talk about the bigger issues in the world"

" There are actually people who very much like that I was a professor and that there could be intelligent and critical conversations about fashion."

"When I was young it was an era where young people were questioning everything and now young people are doing it again"

"Sustainable fashion needs to start with the concept of producing less"

"For me getting dressed is an act of creative expression, it’s not about fashion"


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