Our story starts with you, our Pearly Queens. Without you, we can’t continue to be better. So thank you for being here, and if you shop with us we’re eternally grateful. It means we can continue to transform not only our business, but also to push for change in the fashion industry by demonstrating how it can - and should - be done differently.

We are Mother of Pearl - a contemporary responsible womenswear brand that celebrates individuality, authenticity and sustainability. Our design mantra is classic, but never boring.

Founded in 2002, we make fashion with wit, heart and conscience - contemporary design with attitude that doesn’t cost the earth.

In just 15 years, Amy Powney has gone from sweeping the cutting-room floor at Mother of Pearl to taking the helm as our Creative Director. Sustainability has been a life-long passion for Amy and she’s been on a mission for Mother of Pearl to reduce its impact on the planet, transforming the business while at the same time pushing for change across the whole fashion industry.

From writing sustainable fashion columns in British Vogue, to drawing media attention to sustainable fashion and working with Graduate Fashion Week to inspire the next generation of sustainable fashion designers, Amy works tirelessly as a changemaker within fashion.

In 2017, Amy won the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, using the prize money to launch No Frills - a core sustainable collection that forms the everyday Mother of Pearl wardrobe, made from organic and natural materials, with a transparent supply chain, putting social responsibility, respect to animals and low-environmental impact first and foremost. No Frills took its name from a value supermarket line that was about creating the same foods and quality of ingredients as their more famous competitors, just without any added extras of exotic packaging design or aggressive marketing and advertising.

Today, our Core collection builds on the foundation of No Frills - staple styles that make up your forever wardrobe, made as ethically as possible. Everything we learnt on the No Frills journey, we have applied to our entire brand. Read our full sustainability story. 

Now Amy’s journey to transform Mother of Pearl is the subject of a new documentary film, Fashion Reimagined. Over three years, cameras followed Amy and the MOP team as they embedded sustainability into the business. Fashion Reimagined highlights the challenges with tracing fashion supply chains - but also shows how it can be done.

“There’s no handbook on how to make a brand sustainable, but I wanted to know from start to finish where our product was grown or derived, who was making it and the social impacts along the way. I’ve journeyed to find the best factories, suppliers and farmers who care about the planet and its inhabitants as much as we do.”

Transparency is important to us. We are committed to showing you our progress and exactly how our products are made, so you can make informed choices because every time you purchase you are casting your vote for the kind of world you want to live in. That’s why we show you the sustainable attributes of each piece, allowing you to see what we have achieved garment-by-garment, and enabling you to make choices by what is important to you. As well as looking after the future generation of Mother of Pearl, Amy has been busy nurturing the next generation, welcoming a daughter and a son with her husband Nick, our Art Director. It’s been a busy few years, and the work to make MOP better continues. We’ve got so much more we want to focus on - head to our circularity page to learn more about our future plans.

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about us and our commitment to sustainable fashion. Your

feedback, support and knowledge is always important to us, so please keep in touch by dropping us a line at info@motherofpearl.co.uk or visit us on Instagram.


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