Emma Elwin On How To Live Sustainably

We all started 2020 with the best intentions, not knowing how all of our lives were about to change. We spoke to model, stylist and sustainable activist Emma Elwin, who shared her 10 sustainable new years resolutions on her blog Make It Last back in December, and asked if she could revisit these resolutions with us, and share her top tips for being sustainable at home. Emma is one of those rare people who actually walks the walk when it comes to sustainability. Committing to travelling on a plane only once a year and working her family life around her sustainable commitments, is not only inspiring, but shows us that making small changes to our everyday life to help save our planet (and often help our wallet) can be done. See Emma’s top sustainable tips below:

“I think slowing down our pace in general is a huge thing to take with us from this global lockdown experience. As we all know, the capitalist system our lives are mostly structured around is too fast-paced in pretty much all senses, so trying to find our own pace is of major importance. Asking ourselves how we maintain and sustain our own being. See Emmas edit here.

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