Thea Løvstad

Introducing our latest Pearly Queen, Thea Løvstad. Thea is a Norwegian photographer and eco-artist based in London, who works solely with clients who have an eco friendly and ethical production and vision. Sustainability is at the core of every project she embarks on – an ethos that very much aligns with our own at MOP – so we were excited to come together for this collaboration.

Thea’s photography is inspired and influenced by her upbringing in Kragerø, mirroring its contrast of wild, raw nature and serene light. Aiming to focus on the beauty in simplicity like unexpected, often overseen details, she strives to create imagery that conveys a sense of tranquillity and connects the viewer to mother nature.

We hope you love these beautiful images taken by Thea of her favourite pieces from our Core collection. Here, she shares why she chose these pieces, and how nature influences her work.

“Q: What inspires your work?”


Spending time in nature. When you take a moment to start looking, be present and really take in the surroundings, you notice the most spectacular shapes, textures, patterns, light and "design" created by mother nature!

“Your fine art pieces are focused on highlighting climate related issues. How do you see photography as a medium that can help shine a light on our changing climate?”


What I hope to achieve with my photography is to create a visual and almost sensory experience of nature, to remind the audience of all its beauty and soothing effects, which will hopefully make them fall in love with nature again and again. Whether it's in the form of a crooked branch or an idyllic archipelago, there is beauty to find everywhere, you just need to start looking. Once you love something, you will hopefully also nurture and care for it.

I'm just a drop in the ocean but I hope to be a gentle reminder that can lead to some sort of action for the environment.

“What do you love about Mother of Pearl?”


First of all, I'm so impressed by Mother of Pearls commitment to create garments without compromising the environment or people on any level; The focus on animal welfare, circularity, high quality and social responsibility (and complete transparency) makes the brand stand out from an industry that sadly does not take much responsibility. Secondly, I of course love the timeless design (with a twist) which is key when it comes to sustainability.

After watching Fashion Reimagined I'm even more impressed and would say the brand is one of the most dedicated in the industry, setting the standard for other companies and showing what's possible when it comes to creating an ethical and circular business.


“What are your favourite pieces from the collection and why?”

The Arlo Coat, because it works with more or less all sorts of garments. As soon as you put it on, your outfit looks smart!

Another favourite is the Britton Black Trouser because they have the perfect cut and silhouette - such a flattering pair of trousers that also fits most occasions.

Lastly, I love the Misha Dress in Ivory - the dreamiest, flowy dress for warm summer nights.

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