Animal Welfare


“Wool makes up a large part of our brand and we do not use wool products where the sheep have been mulesed”


Wool is a staple fibre in our collection and we refuse to use any wool products where the sheep have been mulesed. Mulesing is a cruel and painful way of removing a sheep’s skin that has been infested with flies, without using any pain relief or anaesthetic. We believe there are much more humane ways of doing this.

By using natural and organic fibres rather than synthetic and man-made materials, we are helping to protect the environment. Pesticides that are used in non-organic farming contaminate water supply and surrounding land, endangering animals and their natural habitats.

When polyester and synthetic garments are washed, micro plastics are released into our water system. This is a huge issue as our seas are being polluted and severely harming the wildlife and the main reason we are phasing this material out.

Accessories currently make up 2% of our business and for the time being our focus is on the fabrics used in our clothing, as this is the largest part of our business. The leather we use in our accessories is all sourced from Europe, which is also where we carry out all aspects of production. We don’t believe that there is a better equivalent to leather. The alternative ‘vegan leather’ actually carries with it many environmental issues as it’s a synthetic based material. The leathers we use are bi-products of the meat industry, which otherwise would go to waste.

We are firm believers that a sustainable future means a huge reduction in the meat we eat and new innovation for footwear alternatives. We are constantly looking into the possibility of incorporating the latest innovations of newly created materials into our accessory line and we are excited to find new alternatives.


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