No Frills: The Collection

No Frills is a sustainable core diffusion collection that forms your every day Mother of Pearl wardrobe. The line was born out of a project to try and create a product with a transparent supply chain, organic natural materials, social responsibility, respect to animals, a low carbon footprint and great quality.


mother of pearl no frills


No Frills takes its name from a value supermarket line that was about creating the same foods and quality of ingredients as their more famous competitors, just without any added extras of exotic packaging design or aggressive marketing and advertising.

mother of pearl no frills


Our line follows suit, it’s our core best selling product realised with transparency and no hidden unnecessary social and environmental damage. The best part? With all the development work we did over the last three years it’s cheaper, truly mirroring the No Frills concept. Who knew that starting from the incarnation to final production, we would reduce so many extra unnecessary stages and surprise even those of us that have been developing for many years?


We truly have created a No Frills product in ethos, just with a few additional pearls and fabric frills to give you something more fun as we felt there aren’t enough sustainable choices for you fashion bunnies. The collection is still timeless enough to keep on giving season after season.

mother of pearl no frills


This is a passion project started by our Creative Director Amy Powney and now loved by all the Mother of Pearl team, staff, family, friends and hopefully you too.


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