Our Journey to Sustainability

Sustainability is not a simple term - it’s a mindset, a culture, a lifestyle, and one that is accessible to all, that’s the best part. Small things by all are greater than one person’s individual fight which is why sustainability runs through the full DNA of the brand, from our packaging-free vegetarian lunches, green energy suppliers, plant based or recycled packaging, filtered water and a single use plastic bottle ban in the studio.

mother of pearl no frills 

Sustainability has always been a passion of mine since growing up off-grid, and some years of that in a caravan in the North of England. I have infiltrated sustainability into my life and the Mother of Pearl world. In recent years and with the brand rapidly growing, my thoughts turned further to our footprint on the world, the rise of fast fashion and the ‘throw away’ relationship to clothing. 

mother of pearl no frills 

As a non-stop working woman I also know the needs of convenience, which brought me to the dilemma of how to make a very complex subject accessible and easy to all. In my opinion it is not the consumer’s duty to worry about the supply chain. In today’s world if you do want to make change and also shop well, I wanted to give you a helping hand, so I created an online sustainable attribute filter. There are 10 attributes that are connected to every product for you to filter by, with a short description that’s a very quick lesson on some of the supply chain basics. I believe this is a revolutionary way of shopping, not simply focusing on the type of the product but its story of creation. I think this is one of my proudest achievements to date.

Our production is European and we have great relationships with our factories but 3 years ago I started working to trace our supply chains back to their origins where most of the social and environmental issues occur, this was an experiment to see if, and what, was possible. 3 years later No Frills was launched.


All that we learn on the journey, we infiltrate into the entire brand with the long term mindset of making positive change at every step of the way, not only for our products, but promoting better practices that can be adopted by all.

The lengths we have gone to at Mother of Pearl are just the beginnings of what I hope to be a global change that I would like to be a part of, along with you. I will be spending my time continuing to improve my brand and my lifestyle, without being too hard on myself at the times when I can’t. Let’s start a movement.

Love Amy.



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