In 2022, our creative director Amy Powney was appointed as a brand ambassador for TENCEL™ and launched the ‘Buy One Get One Tree’ project on the Mother of Pearl website for Earth Day. For each sale of the Mother of Pearl x TENCEL™ product, a tree was planted through the TENCEL™ and One Tree Planted partnership.

“I am really excited to be appointed as a brand ambassador for TENCEL™ which is a branded cellulosic fibre of botanic origin. I have been using it in my collections for a number of years but often the consumer doesn’t make the connection that cellulosic fibre actually comes from trees.

Millions in fact, which are cut down each year and our demand is only growing, it has doubled in the last decade. This is leading to the destruction of some of our most ancient and endangered forests. TENCEL™ offers a sustainable alternative to this where the trees are managed under strict regulations to make sure that the planet's natural resources are replenished.

It is also biodegradable, versatile and super soft on the skin making it perfect for my collections at Mother of Pearl. It is an eco fibre which has the ability to transform the textile and fashion industry for the better.”

- Amy Powney

You can discover which of our products are made using TENCEL™by using our sustainable attribute filter and filtering by ‘botanic fibres’. Botanic fibres are derived from the sustainably sourced, renewable raw material, wood. The TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are then produced in an environmentally responsible process, reusing up to 99% of the water & solvents needed for the process. Our botanic fibres are certified TENCEL™ lyocell from Lenzing group, who design their biobased fibres to be compostable & biodegradable at the end of the garments life cycle.

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