“From our sustainable and ethical supply chain through to Onloan's rental and pre-loved solutions, every stage of our garment's life is considered”


MOP is striving to integrate the four 'R' pillars (Rent, Repair, Resale, Reuse) across our brand. By gradually introducing these options to our community we're taking responsibility for our garments once they are created.

In April 2021 we adopted the rental model by joining forces with Onloan, the fashion rental platform, integrating it directly onto the Mother of Pearl platform to create The Full Circle.

The Full Circle breaks the traditional linear retail model and takes into consideration our garment's entire life cycle. From our sustainable and ethical supply chain through to Onloan's rental and preloved solutions, every stage of our garment's life is considered.

Read more about Rental here.

Wastage is an issue at all stages of a garment's lifespan and we work extremely hard to keep our cutting as tight as possible, reducing waste throughout our production process.

Our new Fabric Reimagined collection launched in September 2021, to ensure that we are able to close the loop further; using up something that already exists on this planet is possibly one of the most sustainable ways to create. Beautiful leftover deadstock materials are crafted into some of your favourite hero MOP styles. These are limited run, limited sizes and available for a limited time in exclusive drops.

Zero waste never looked so good.

In October 2021 we officially teamed up with Curate & Rotate to launch our MOP resale model. Curate & Rotate is a carefully curated collection of preloved and vintage clothing offered for sale at 8pm every Sunday.

Not only can our Pearly Queen’s resell their MOP pieces via Curate & Rotate’s consignment service, but we will be launching a series of sample sale drops. This will ensure that we reduce our waste, promote a sustainable way of living and make sure that every MOP piece finds a way to its forever home.

Follow Curate & Rotate and submit your pre-loved MOP for sale here.

Pearly Queen’s can also resell their preloved MOP via Vestiaire Collective. Vestiaire Collective is the leading online marketplace to buy and sell authenticated pre-owned luxury fashion. You can find out more here.


For a full list of all our environmental attributes explained, see transparency here.

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